burgopapers.com & mosaicopapers.com are all new!

burgopapers.com & mosaicopapers.com

Burgo Group   has revamped  its product web sites, organised around a highly practical and quick multidimensional path with links and references to other pages addressing similar issues.

The functioning of both sites has changed and their usability has been improved thanks to a new application: “Search for a product”,  which simplify and enhance the possibility of finding the most appropriate paper for every print job by making use of multiple search keys, such as use, type, brand, certification and – a very helpful key – paper weight.

Both sites have been fully refurbished in terms of image and graphics, with a view to underscoring

the different “personalities” of the two product divisions, is reflected in the image and graphics: essential and up-to-the-minute graphic elements for Burgo, colourful “faces layout” flirts with the pop culture of the 1960s for Mosaico Specialty Papers.

www.burgopapers.com  & www.mosaicopapers.com.