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Raising sustainability on Respecta 100 paper

Respecta 100, FSC® certified and produced entirely with recycled fibres, is the paper chosen for Notre planète, an illustrated book for children, published by Gründ and created in collaboration with Greenpeace to help young people measure their ecological footprint and thus become more responsible citizens.

Inspired by text by Greenpeace, eighteen illustrators have created a collection of colourful and imaginative plates. Thus was born Notre planète, a children's book published by Éditions Gründ, the historic French publishing house specializing in illustrated volumes. The same  has recently launched the Green Gründ series, which is entirely devoted to the theme of environmental responsibility.

The book is printed on Respecta 100 Satin 150 gsm, which confirms itself as the ideal paper for publications with a calling to environmental sustainability. Respecta 100 is an FSC Recycled Credit certified and coated woodfree paper, entirely produced with recycled fibres, to ensure a reduction in emissions and the implementation of a responsible and traceable production chain. An eco-friendly paper of the highest quality: in fact, Respecta 100 ensures a high level of whiteness with an excellent colour rendering – the illustrations of Notre planète prove it!

Éditions Gründ is part of Editis, a publishing group which is particularly attentive to the issue of environmental sustainability, now pivotal in the publishing sector. Recently, another company of the group, Éditions Robert Laffont, published the book Écologique sans me ruiner, also printed on Respecta 100 paper.

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