Burgo Energia

Energy management & trading

The operation of the Group's energy system is managed by Burgo Energia, whose main objectives are to optimise energy consumption within the Group's plants by upgrading them in accordance with the available specialisations and by reducing specific production costs.

Burgo Energia's three main areas of activity are:

  • the industrial area, focused on the opportunity to increase installed capacity, on the search for any possibility of energy transmission on proprietary networks and on improving industrial management;
  • the energy management area, focused on the centralised management of production and consumption measures, on management of the scheduling of network flows, on the management of natural gas logistics, including scheduling the production activities of the Group's plants;
  • the sales area.

This area focuses on the purchase of national and international electricity and on purchase of the surplus production from the Group's plants; on the sale of energy to the Group's paper plants that are not self-sufficient and on trading activities on the electricity and natural gas markets.

The Group has adopted a sustainable business model, based on the energy self-sufficiency of its plants, through the construction of hydroelectric, biomass, combined cycle cogeneration, steam cycle, and endothermic natural gas plants.

The Burgo Group's business areas

The Burgo Group integrates the supervision of its reference market with a search for new opportunities for growth, including those not dependent on the world of publishing, and the development of new businesses.

With a view to the strategic repositioning of Burgo's product portfolio, its core business includes the production of materials for corrugated cardboard for the packaging industry.

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