GO 2030

Sustainability Governance

The commitment to the goals of social responsibility and environmental sustainability is fostered and shared across all of the Group's organisational levels.

For a company to achieve significant goals in terms of sustainability, the involvement of every level of the organisation and the sharing of a corporate culture that is permeated with the values of social responsibility and corporate integrity are essential.

Burgo Group incorporates the parameters of sustainability into all business and investment choices: attention to the environment and people is therefore not a factor to be evaluated in retrospect, but a priority and a critical benchmark.

The methodical integration of ESG values into corporate dynamics is pursued through:

  • business ethics and integrity training for all employees;
  • relevance of the ESG strategy assigned at the executive level;
  • creation of a centralised ESG unit to coordinate and monitor initiatives;
  • participation of all corporate roles in ESG initiatives;
  • definition of practices to manage the ESG activities;
  • development of an internal reporting system;
  • communication aimed at raising employee awareness, promoting the initiatives, and facilitating their understanding.
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