Corporate composition

The Burgo Group's structure

The Burgo Group S.p.A. is the parent company of a group of subsidiaries and associated companies in Italy and abroad.

Burgo Group S.p.A.'s share capital is 91,7% owned by BG Holding S.r.l. and 8,3% by Mediobanca S.p.A., Allegro SARL (Gruppo Generali) and Italmobiliare S.p.A.
BG Holding S.r.l. is jointly owned by Holding Gruppo Marchi S.p.A. (HGM S.p.A.) and QuattroR SGR S.p.A.

The Group's corporate composition and shareholding relationships

Production of paper, containerboard, mechanical pulp, energy
Trade and management of forest products
Commercial and distribution activities
Financial assets
Energy production/marketing

We have provided these in black on (a brilliant) white

The Group's data are collected in official reports, printed on Respecta 100 paper, a paper produced entirely from post-consumer recycled fibres and with an excellent white appearance.

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