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General limitation of liability

The descriptions and photographs on this site relating to equipment, products, services and performance have been carefully screened and analysed and have been processed with the utmost care. It is possible, however, that they contain inaccuracies and omissions. These descriptions and photographs shall not be construed as public statements on the specific characteristics of the goods and are, therefore, merely illustrative and do not in any way constitute an assessment of the conformity of the goods with, amongst others, EC Directive 99/44.

The processing of the text does not involve liability for specific errors and/or inaccuracies. Burgo Group S.p.A. disclaims all liability arising from any unlawful and improper use of the site and its contents.

As a result of its strategy of continuous improvement, Burgo Group S.p.A. reserves the right to change the characteristics of its products and machinery at any time.

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