Other products

Chemical pulp production

Chemical pulp production for internal consumption and for sale to third parties boosts the production efficiency and improves the overall profitability of the Group.

The Burgo Group's chemical pulp intended for marketing is produced in Virton (Belgium) in the specialised division of the Burgo Ardennes plant where it is extracted from local forests of hornbeams, beeches, birches, poplars and oaks, which are largely PEFC certified.

Chemical pulp is also produced in the Tolmezzo plant (at a lower production capacity) for purposes related to its own consumption requirements.

The Burgo Group's business areas

The Burgo Group integrates the supervision of its reference market with a search for new opportunities for growth, including those not dependent on the world of publishing, and the development of new businesses.

With a view to the strategic repositioning of Burgo's product portfolio, its core business includes the production of materials for corrugated cardboard for the packaging industry.

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