GO 2030

Sustainable Products, Worthy Products

To offer increasingly sustainable graphic papers, containerboards, and special papers to its customers, Burgo Group focuses on the life cycle of products and the entire production process.

Burgo Group believes in the need to share truthful and verified information on the sustainability of paper and printing. Through a responsible, long-term, and data-driven approach, paper can continue to be a versatile and effective means of communication and marketing, a way to express imagination, culture, and emancipation, a vehicle of knowledge and useful services to the economy and society. A demonstration of this is, for example, the success of paper as an excellent material for sustainable packaging, protection of transported goods, food packaging, and food delivery.

Sustainability parameters and paper profiles

Burgo Group measures the sustainability of its products through many parameters. The Group invests in these same parameters to improve and make its range of graphic papers, containerboards, and special papers more appealing to the market.

Sustainability parameters concern the supply chain, production processes, and the entire life cycle of the product. Among the factors taken into consideration, there are:

  • recyclability, which Burgo Group products guarantee at 100%, compostability, and recovery at the end of the product's life;
  • food contact suitability;
  • the use of raw materials sourced from certified forests;
  • the use of secondary fibres sourced from recycled paper;
  • the use of renewable fibres with a low CO2 impact (for example, grass clippings)
  • the adoption of solutions that limit the use of chemical additives;
  • the carbon footprint of the product, considering both the upstream and downstream processes.

Paper profiles gather the environmental information for each product and are statements that enable customers to make a practical assessment of the environmental performance of Burgo products.
Paper profiles - and any further information - can be requested at

A sustainable production chain

Such an all-encompassing approach concerns the forests' chain of custody and the supply chain of raw materials and services: it involves the Burgo Group both in terms of product development and production process management, implying maximum care in the decarbonisation process and the sustainable and circular management of all resources.

Forestry and product sustainability certifications

The development of an increasingly sustainable product portfolio is transparent in the progressive increase in the Group's certifications relating to forest management, carbon neutrality, and product sustainability.

Towards 2030: Burgo Group’s targets

Product sustainability goals
product development to promote recycling and optimal recovery according to an LCA perspective
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