Specialty papers

Mosaico is the Group company that focuses on the production of specialty papers, for offset and digital printing.

The "specialty papers” are distinguished by the use of particular raw materials and production technologies, and are designed to respond to the evolution of communication systems (linked to the world of packaging and labels) and printing techniques.

The Mosaico specialty papers product portfolio includes papers for flexible packaginglabels papersposter paperscardboardsspecial graphic papersrelease paperspapers for technical uses and green papers: the latter in particular is a new family, which includes products with a greater environmental vocation, perfect for the making of labels, recyclable or biodegradable posters, publications and packaging, always guaranteed by certifications for the responsible and traceable origin of the fibres.

Research into the development of new products focuses essentially on two areas: paper and cardboard for the food and beverage industry and paper for special applications.

The aim is to develop new technologies aimed at greater competitiveness and environmental sustainability, which will also be achieved by the expansion of certified products.

With regard to products intended for food use, particular attention is then paid to the use of fibrous raw materials, prioritising new compositions with high quality and environmental value. This allows the development of papers treated with biopolymers, a raw material rich in fully biodegradable components from renewable resources which are therefore able to provide excellent impermeability against water, fats and flavourings, thus protecting the contents from contaminating agents.

For the packaging market, which is also increasingly geared towards environmentally friendly solutions, flexible and special-purpose packaging papers are available, with a wide range of certified recyclable and compostable products.

The main production plants are the Mosaico plants in Chiampo, Lugo di Vicenza, Tolmezzo, Toscolano and Treviso.

Mosaico's development drivers are:

  • a constant focus on the market and its development at the service of new requirements and new lifestyles;
  • supplementing product ranges to enhance their ability to penetrate the market in niche segments that are currently poorly covered.

The Burgo Group's business areas

The Burgo Group integrates the supervision of its reference market with a search for new opportunities for growth, including those not dependent on the world of publishing, and the development of new businesses.

With a view to the strategic repositioning of Burgo's product portfolio, its core business includes the production of materials for corrugated cardboard for the packaging industry.

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