Graphic papers

Production of coated mechanical and coated woodfree papers, uncoated woodfree papers, laser and inkjet printing papers, thin papers, recycled papers and office papers.

The Burgo range of graphic and publishing papers caters for different types of printing with its many targeted products that are able to meet every specific communication need.

The main production plants are in Sarego, Sora, Villorba and Virton (Belgium).

The development drivers are geared towards creating:

  • a solid industrial structure to make the plants more complementary, with a view to the constant and complete availability of the various types of paper;
  • an expansion of product ranges;
  • a greater focus on customer service, through an international sales network, dedicated customer service and a logistics organisation with unified management at Group level.

The Burgo Group's business areas

The Burgo Group integrates the supervision of its reference market with a search for new opportunities for growth, including those not dependent on the world of publishing, and the development of new businesses.

With a view to the strategic repositioning of Burgo's product portfolio, its core business includes the production of materials for corrugated cardboard for the packaging industry.

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