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The new Mosaico Papers website is online

Mosaico, the Burgo Group company focused on the production of special papers, announces the release of its new website: an accessible and responsive web space, to find and choose the most suitable papers for communication purposes and innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

On the morning of December 1, 2021, the new Mosaico Specialty Papers website makes its debut online, completely renovated after a thorough revamping.

The backbone of the website is the presentation of the products: punctual, detailed and concise at the same time. Each type of paper is introduced with its main technical characteristics, the insured benefits, the available options, the product certifications and the end uses for which each paper is specifically designed. Easy access to the product pages of the papers is possible both through the new paper selector – which allows to filter the vast Mosaico range of specialty papers through a faceted search engine – and through the pages dedicated to the eight product categories. Papers for flexible packaging, labels papers, poster papers, cardboards, special graphic papers, release papers, papers for technical uses and green papers: the latter in particular is a new family, which includes products with a greater environmental vocation, perfect for the making of labels, recyclable or biodegradable posters, publications and packaging, always guaranteed by certifications for the responsible and traceable origin of the fibres.

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Service Culture

If Mosaico papers are special, even more so can be the projects of those who choose to use these papers. Mosaico, in fact, deems it essential to support the creativity of its customers, by customizing the characteristics of the products to satisfy new needs and above all by listening to the most innovative or niche requests from the market: such requests and needs can now also be sent through the new website, thanks to the appropriate form for technical and commercial inquiries.

Mosaico Papers - Carte Speciali

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