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Burgo Group’s ESG strategy in a Boston Consulting Group’s video

The vision and the ambitions of GO 2030 Growing Sustainably, in a video produced and released by Boston Consulting Group.

The vision and ambitions of Burgo Group’s ESG strategy are put in a nutshell in a one-minute video.

An ESG strategy pursued every day, through tangible actions in distinct thematic areas: decarbonisation, circularity, waste and water recycling, sustainable products, human resources, health & safety, and sustainable sourcing.

The video, made by the American strategic consulting company Boston Consulting Group, begins with remarks by Ignazio Capuano, Burgo Group’s CEO, who weighed on the opportunity to rethink the widespread association between the paper industry and tree-cutting.

Capuano emphasised how the Group obtains the raw material used in the production process from “a residual part, that cannot be utilized by other industries, like the building industry. We provide an economic incentive to growing a forest”.

Valerio Forti, Burgo Group’s HSE director, highlighted the central role of sustainability, because “when we talk about sustainability, we are talking about the transformation of the business model”.

The ESG Group’s strategy, represented by the GO 2030 Growing Sustainably signature, involves all the people in the Group, at all levels, thus creating “the potential to create value” that is more than just economic, today and in the future.è[[

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