Reportage Aticelca 2023

Burgo Group at Aticelca 2023: energy and technology from a round table to the school desks

Burgo Group joined the annual congress of the paper industry by Aticelca with speeches on technology, energy, and the environment plus a special project that involved the students from the Chemistry Technical College of Arpino.

The 54th Annual Congress of the Italian Paper Industry by Aticelca, took place on 25 and 26 May in Isola del Liri (FR) with record attendance.

The two days event opened with a greeting from President Furio Azzopardo, Technical Management of the Technology and Investments area of Burgo Group, who introduced this edition's busy schedule, featuring, in particular, the topics of decarbonisation, recycling, and automation.

The focus on decarbonisation in the paper industry found an exceptional workspace in the round table "The orientation of paper companies towards decarbonization", a panel discussion that involved speeches by the CEO of Burgo Energia Luca Sassoli, Massimo Giorgilli from Cartiere di Guarcino S.p.A. - Neodecortech Group, Enzo Pelle of RDM Group, and Stefania Ferrero from Baker Hughes. The meeting was moderated by Armando Garosci, from Largo Consumo.

The Congress also presented the precious opportunity to learn about the activities of local schools, the I.I.S. (Technical College) Nicolucci Reggio of Isola del Liri and the I.I.S. Tulliano di Arpino, who partook in the study carried out at the Burgo paper mill in Sora about the enzymatic refining of fibres. The documentation of this project was shown during the Congress, in the presence of the most important actors of the Italian paper industry.

Researching Simons' enzyme reagent with the I.I.S. of Arpino

On the occasion of the Congress in Isola del Liri, Aticelca and Burgo's Sora plant involved the students of the fourth classes of the nearby technical college I.I.S. Tulliano of Arpino (FR) in the rediscovery of an analytical methodology of microscopic analysis, adapted to delve deeper into the current energy efficiency issues.

The methodology used is the Simons' reagent, developed around the turn of the century and mostly abandoned: however, it has become potentially of interest today, in a scenario where the recent energy crisis has led the paper industry to research new possible solutions to save energy.

The project was carried out in three meetings of two hours each, with the enthusiastic participation of the students who, under the supervision of the Sora laboratory manager, the engineer Felice De Novellis, and the professors Ornella Iafrate and Francesco Petricca, examined the potential of the Simons' reactive in evaluating enzymatic treatments to prepare the fibres for mechanical refining, to decrease the need for energy.

Aticelca: towards the 55th congress

For over fifty years, the Aticelca Congress has brought together the main operators in the paper sector for a valuable opportunity to discuss and exchange information on the latest trends and innovations.
Burgo Group thanks the organisation and all the participants for these two intense, enlightening, and fruitful days: see you next year, to share new precious insights into paper industry production, research, and development.

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