CEN 2022

Focus on economy and sustainability at the 2022 National Conference on Circular Economy

Burgo Group invites you to the fourth edition of the National Conference on Circular Economy, which will be held in Rome on the 5th of April. An event of strategic importance for the present and for the future of the Italian business community, the conference will focus on the opportunities of economic circularity for the environment and for economic recovery.

Conferenza Nazionale sull’Economia Circolare - Save the date

The National Conference on Circular Economy is back face to face for the fourth edition, which will be held on Tuesday 5th of April in Rome. The event is organized by the Circular Economy Network in collaboration with ENEA and with the patronage of the European Commission and the Italian Ministry for the ecological transition.

The HSE director of Burgo Group at the CEN 2022

The Conference will be an important opportunity for discussion on the role of the circular economy in supporting both the post-pandemic economic recovery and the growing need for environmental sustainability. A subject dear to Burgo Group, which has long viewed circular economy as an important lever for the sustainable evolution of its production. Besides being a promoter of the Circular Economy Network, the Group will also be involved in the conference with the speech of Valerio Forti, HSE Director (Health, Safety & Environment), focusing on Burgo Group's actions and projects involving circular economy.

This year’s main focus

The focus of this year's event will be the presentation of the 2022 Report on the Circular Economy in Italy, which assesses Italy's performance according to the European Green Deal – Europe's action plan for ecological transition. Inspired by the Green Deal program, since 2020 Burgo Group has specifically formed a committee for the definition of a gradual transition aimed at reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, and promoting circular economy.

Burgo Group has already taken action

Burgo Group is well aware that the implementation of circular economy practices requires devising and adopting innovative solutions: accordingly, the Group has launched various initiatives for more efficient use of resources. From the conversion of production lines with the use of raw materials obtained from the sorted waste collection, such as in the production of container-boards in the Avezzano plant, to projects that involve the reuse of production waste, such as the case of White fibrous Krofta in the Tolmezzo plant, Burgo Group is committed to the progressive introduction of technologies to optimize resources and give new life to by-products deriving from production processes.

The National Conference on Circular Economy is an important step in the transition path towards circular production models, which will become more and more of a necessity for companies – not only in regards to ecological sustainability but also for competitiveness on the market.

The event will take place at the National Space Events room – Via Palermo 10, Rome – on Tuesday 5th of April, from 9.30 AM to 12.30 AM. In order to attend the conference, it is necessary to fill out the registration form. The conference will also be available on streaming.

News about the conference are also posted on social networks: follow #cen2022 for all the updates.

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