Governance and sustainability

Burgo Group achieves the ESG IDENTITY - IGI COMPANY 2021 label

The label acknowledges the companies that have accepted the challenge of the Integrated Governance Index.


The Integrated Governance Index (IGI) is a quantitative index that clearly and concisely states the positioning of companies in relation to the key aspects of sustainability.

Now in its sixth edition, since 2019 the Integrated Governance Index has been developed by ETicaNews.

Today, the reference panel for the survey includes the top 100 listed companies, the companies that publish the non-financial declaration pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 254 of 30 December 2016 and the top 50 unlisted and industrial companies in the Mediobanca ranking.

The ESG IDENTITY - IGI COMPANY 2021 label awarded to Burgo Group attests that the company is increasingly moving towards sustainable actions and investments, also modifying its governance through the process.

The label remarks the making of a structured path of transformation and evolution of the Group’s identity from a ESG perspective and certifies the Group's ability to operate while always considering sustainability a priority and governance an enabling factor.

The three letters of the acronym ESG refer to the words Environmental, Social and Governance. The ESG criteria are in fact used to measure the environmental, social and governance impact of companies, which are increasingly focused on highlighting the sustainability of their business and their initiatives.


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