Sustainable sourcing

Burgo Group tests HVO, the biodiesel 100% from renewable raw materials

Sustainable HVO biodiesel, used on some Burgo Ardennes vehicles, is one of the sustainable logistic and decarbonisation measures, part of the GO 2030 ESG strategy.

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is an advanced and sustainable biofuel produced from processing residues from waste sorting and vegetable oils collected from crops that do not compete with the food chain – such as oils from algae, crude glycerin, hulls, and agricultural and forestry waste. Called Blue Diesel in the past because of its original colour, HVO has since changed its hue (and its name) and is now sold in many European countries.

Burgo Group’s commitment to its ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) GO 2030 strategy is set forward through actions taken in different thematic areas. These include decarbonisation and sustainable sourcing: logistics is a central sector in which the Group intends to employ all available technologies to reduce emissions.

The choice of environmentally friendly fuel

Ferdinando Citarella, Burgo Group’s Logistic director, emphasises how the choice of suppliers using the latest generation of low-emission vehicles Euro IV, also employing environmentally friendly bio-fuels, represents a tangible contribution of the Group to sustainable mobility.

The use of biofuel leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 60 to 90%, compared to fossil diesel fuel.

The CO2 emissions from the combustion of biofuel are conventionally zero: by the circular economy concept, the carbon dioxide emitted during the combustion of the biofuel offsets the carbon dioxide previously absorbed during the growth of the biomass from which the biofuel is produced.


The trial starts at Burgo Ardennes

Burgo Group has started using HVO fuel at the Burgo Ardennes plant for shipments to the European market.

After an initial test period, the Group will evaluate the implementation in other plants and countries.

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