A certificate of tangible commitment

Burgo Group receives the Merit Award

SGS Italy presented the Group with the Merit Award, awarded to companies that are particularly committed to system and product certification paths.

Burgo Group has received the Merit Award from SGS Italy, one of the leading companies, in Italy and worldwide, for inspection, verification, testing, and certification services.

SGS Italy presents the Merit Award to companies that are particularly committed to system and product certification paths: it’s important evidence of Burgo Group’s concrete and steady focus on the subject.

The Group’s approach toward sustainability goals is also enhanced by a series of policies, management and certification systems that are consistent with the strategic guidelines and goals set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

The Group’s concrete commitments

The management systems adopted in Burgo Group as a tool for monitoring and guaranteeing continuous improvement in production, respect for environment and safeguarding workers’ health and safety have been designed, implemented and certified according to international standards.

Among the systems adopted by Burgo Group:

  • I.E.M.S. – Integrated Environmental Management System –, regulated by the ISO 14001 standard, with which the Group identifies, measures, monitors and reduces the environmental impact of its activities.
  • E.M.S. – Energy Management System – that, following the UNI EN ISO 50001 standard, enables for the rational management of energy needs and consumption.
  • O.H.S.M.S. – Occupational Health and Safety Management System –, which defines processes and responsibilities for the implementation of the company’s prevention policy.
  • Q.M.S. – Quality Management System – made according to ISO 9001 standard to pursue customer satisfaction with the products supplied and to ensure the continuous improvement of company performances.

Enforced in all the Burgo Group’s plants, said systems contribute to the achievement of the goals set for 2030, such as 100% ISO 45001-certified facilities or a 13% reduction in specific water consumption.

In this regard Valerio Forti, Burgo Group’s HSE director, stated that “the important recognition awarded by the SGS certification body to Burgo Group must be an incentive for us to continue along the road of integrating quality, health, safety, environment, and energy issues with company business. The management system holds the key to interpreting the challenges, facing up to risks, and seizing the opportunities of an evolving panorama”.

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