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The performance of the Italian economy in circularity at the 2023 National Conference on Circular Economy

The National Conference on Circular Economy returns to Rome on 16 May to take stock of the progress in circular economy in Italy, with the involved participation of the Burgo Group and a speech by Valerio Forti, the Group's HSE and Sustainability Director.

Burgo Group extends the invitation to the fifth edition of the National Conference on Circular Economy, an event of strategic importance for the present and the future of Italian businesses. The Conference will be the occasion to present the 2023 edition of the Circular Economy Report, drawn by the Circular Economy Network in collaboration with ENEA. Every year, the dossier gathers the most up-to-date data about the main circularity indicators of the Italian economy and compares its performance with the largest European economies.

Burgo Group is one of the main promoters of the Circular Economy Network and will also actively partake in the conference through the speech by Valerio Forti, Burgo Group's HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) & Sustainability Director.

The presentation of the Report with insights on current issues will occur in the morning, while the afternoon session will be devoted to case studies from the main members of the circular economy in Italy: an opportunity to share and talk about the new challenges that business models face in the fast evolution of the current economy.

The topics: raw materials, PNRR, and the power of consumer choice

The National Conference on the Circular Economy will be an opportunity to look into some highly topical issues: from the critical raw materials that are essential for the energy transition and digitization - at the centre of the recent Critical Raw Materials Act presented by the European Commission - to the progress of the projects envisaged by the PNRR, up to the implementation of the National Strategy for the Circular Economy.

The presentation of the Report on Circular Economy in Italy 2023 will include the insight study "Consumer choices for the circular economy", based on the results of a survey carried out with Legacoop and Ipsos to understand how consumers can lead – and are already leading – the transition to the circular economy. The publication “Enabling consumer choices for a circular economy” by the European Environment Agency, taken as a reference system for the survey, raised awareness and thought on the topic.

Burgo Group: circularity as a business model

The implementation and development of the circularity model is a topic dear to the Group, which is deeply aware that this transition requires innovation in production and supply systems. Burgo Group's approach in this stance consists of coordinated interventions aimed at increasing environmental sustainability through the progressive introduction of technologies to optimise the management of energy and waste, alongside the development and enhancement of by-products.

The paper industry has the potential to become the backbone of an integrated and systemic circular economy, capable of generating value for Italy, a European leader in waste recycling. The Italian recycling industry is indeed an important sector: new products are produced from recovered paper, which can in turn be easily recycled, as shown by Containerboard.

Even the residues of the industrial process can generate by-products and new energy. In a scenario of industrial symbiosis, production waste and sludge could produce energy and biogas, facilitating decarbonisation and the development of the circular economy.

The annual meeting marks an important step in the transition path towards circular business models, a necessity not only for environmental sustainability but also for companies competitiveness.

The National Conference on the Circular Economy 2023 will be held on Tuesday 16 May, from 10:00 to 16:00, in the Sala Nazionale Spazio Eventi – via Palermo 10, Rome.

To participate in the conference it is necessary to register by filling out the form:

To keep up with updates on the Conference by the Circular Economy Network's social media, follow #CEN2023

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