Collezione Burgo 2018/2022

Five years of dreams on paper: presenting the new Collezione Burgo 2018/2022

After the debut of the first collection in 2017, Collezione Burgo is back: a new, precious volume that collects the works from the last five editions of the Burgo calendar, signed as always by great artists of illustration.

Every year, an illustrator interprets the theme revolving around paper for the Burgo Group calendar: a simply unmissable event for illustration enthusiasts, due to the amazing pieces created by Italian and international artists on the selected topic.

After the success of the first collection, published in 2017, “Collezione Burgo 2018/2022” brings together the wonderful creations made by artists for the Burgo calendars of the last five years. A volume of great artistic value that depicts the paper as the perfect meeting point for images and words, a renewed match that benefits from the novelty of the combination with the Cartaceo# project where, together with illustrators, authors of the literary scene lend their words.

Through narratives and compositions that are both rich in meaning and aesthetically compelling, Collezione Burgo thus becomes a journey not only in time but also and above all in the world of the mind and imagination. The volume takes us to the re-discovery of the interpretations by artists such as Noma Bar, a master of synthesis who in 2018 told his stories through optical illusions constructed around the coexistence of solids and voids, black and white. In 2019, Emiliano Ponzi created unique landscapes and compositions to tell the "life" of paper with his unmistakable use of light and colors, collaborating in Cartaceo#01 with the author and science writer Gabriella Greison, who has transformed paper into infinite matter.

“We explore this special journey, that of paper, how it is processed and transformed into something recognisable that everyone uses. I have used light to illustrate the characters, their discoveries, and their encounters with paper.” Emiliano Ponzi

In 2020, Manuele Fior guided us in the world of comics, combining it with the world of illustration thus creating an original artistic galaxy that finds its literary counterpart in the composition by Alessandro Bergonzoni, from Cartaceo#02. The following year it was Sarah Mazzetti's turn, who made colors and ideas explode with the great personality that distinguishes her works, making us turn page after page in the journey through the words of the psychoanalyst Massimo Recalcati – from Cartaceo#03. Finally, in 2022 the surreal and poetic watercolours by Marina Marcolin let us enter an ethereal and suspended dream, where nature becomes intertwined with the white of the paper.

The dreams and fantastic worlds of the calendars will continue to live on the pages of the Collezione Burgo in years to come. They will keep on projecting us towards the future, where the artists who will collaborate in the next editions of the calendar await us with their works depicting all the nuances of paper, today still the noblest way to share culture and beauty.

To ensure a lasting value to this prestigious publication, the cover of the volume "Collezione Burgo 2018/2022" is printed on Prisma Up Silk 1SC in 300 gr/m2: an FSC Mix Credit certified pure cellulose cardboard, extra white, and with a smooth surface that offers excellent adaptability to post-press treatments, such as embossing and silk-screening.

The inside pages of the volume are printed on Respecta Satin 170 gr/m2, again an FSC Mix Credit certified paper for complete sustainability, always a paramount value for Burgo Group. Respecta's impeccable colour rendering, high printability, and opacity guarantee that images are defined in detail, making it an excellent choice for art books.

To celebrate the last five editions of the Burgo artistic calendars, created in collaboration with the Illustri Association, the thirty illustrations in the volume were also exhibited at Palazzo Thiene in Vicenza on the occasion of the fifth edition of the Illustri Festival, which ended on 17 July 2022.

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