Noma Bar

The key to reading the Burgo calendar 2018 is to enjoy a game between full and empty, between positive and negative space drawn by clear-cut lines and essential graphic elements. Noma Bar looks at the common paper objects that surround us me like linear notebook or double punch paper and leaves for a journey in which a hole/punch in the paper turns into a balloon that wants to escape and fly away, the notebook line turns into a torn wire that allows the balloon to escape.

“I continued to explore paper in different situations” explains the author “confronting it with his worst enemy, fire. I created an harmonic-impossible situation, as the folded paper forms that contains the flame. Confronting paper with another enemy, a Paper shredder machine - designed for paper destruction - in this case, the destruction turns to a positive thing, by shredding a “paper road” that duplicates itself and offers alternative directions” thus each of the six images created by Noma Bar encloses others and leave it open for the viewer to investigate these spaces of paper.

The Burgo Group calendar 2018 is printed on coated paper Respecta 100 Satin 250 g/m2 FSC Recycled Credit (internal) Certified, and pure cellulose SBS cardboard Prisma Up Silk 400 g/m2 (cover) FSC Mix Credit Certified.

The six panels created with digital techniques was printed on Experia Digi Silk 250 g/m2, coated paper for laser printing, FSC Mix Credit certified, especially designed and optimized for all dry and liquid.

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