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A new star is born.
SUN illuminates the way towards sustainable packaging

Thanks to a major technological investment in Machine 2 in the Sora plant, Burgo Group launches five new high-quality items in FBB (Folding Board Box) and FSB (Food Service Board) segment.

Burgo SUN

The SUN range is entirely produced in the Sora plant (Cartiera del Sole). Following its strategy of diversifying its production mix and strengthening its presence in the packaging sector, at the end of 2023 Burgo Group began a major investment by installing a new triple-layer headbox, which has enabled the plant to produce a multi-layer board that has features comparable to the best products on the market today.

More layers to increase stiffness and strength

One of the main features of the new SUN range is its multiple-layer structure: cellulose in the surface layers, and mechanical pulp in the intermediate layer, thus conferring high thickness and greater stiffness. These features are essential for proper use in the cardboard packaging industry.


With reference to FBB, the SUN range includes SUN TOP (GC1) and SUN STRONG (GC2), designed for high quality packaging and graphic applications.

SUN TOP is a cardboard with a double coating on the front side and light single-layer coating on the reverse side. It is available in grammage between 230 and 350 g/m2.

Whereas, SUN STRONG is double-coated on the top side with an uncoated reverse side, with a grammage range between 230 and 325 g/m2.



The FSB (Food Service Board) collection of the SUN range consists of three products: SUN CUP, SUN ICE and SUN TRAY.

SUN CUP is an uncoated cardboard and has a triple bleached virgin fibre structure, with a mix of CTMP and chemical pulp in the middle layer, and it is designed for the manufacturing of cups for hot and cold drinks.

SUN TRAY has the same structural features as SUN CUP and it is an uncoated cardboard designed for making food contact trays.

Last but not least, SUN ICE adds a double coated top side to the SUN ICE and SUN TRAY features. SUN ICE is ideal for the production of cups for ice cream and cold drinks.


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