Sustainability and efficiency

A new water treatment system in Villorba plant

Thanks to MBBR technology, the biomass responsible for purification develops on substrates with a large specific surface area, which allows for a reduction in occupied volumes and energy consumption, making the process even more efficient.

A significant investment has recently involved the wastewater treatment system of the Burgo plant in Villorba.

This operation is part of Burgo Group’s GO 2030 ESG strategy, and focuses on circularity, waste and water recycling topic.

A biological treatment for the removal of pollutants

The new water treatment in Villorba is biological, using an advanced technology called MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor).

With this technology, wastewater mixes with heterogeneous colonies of microorganisms that adhere to the surface of inert solid substrates with a large specific protected surface area.

In this way, the biomass carries out the biological operations of pollutant removal, decoupling the cellular residence time from the hydraulic residence time.

In practical terms, high biomass concentrations are achieved in small volumes, which makes the purification process even more efficient, with reduced energy consumption and smaller volume occupied.

The monitoring performed during the plant’s testing phase has already shown excellent results – said the Environmental Management System Manager –. As an example, the COD emission level associated with BAT (Best Available Techniques) 50 has been reduced by about six times compared to 2023.

In the circularity, waste and water recycling matter, Burgo Group is also committed to reducing the use of fresh water: for this reason, in 2023 the Villorba plant also invested in the installation of a dedicated cooling tower to close the water cycle serving the vacuum pumps, reducing fresh water consumption by more than one and a half times (1.6 to be precise).

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