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The role of Mosaico Customer Service in customers satisfaction

Rossella Salinari, Mosaico’s Customer Service Manager, talks about the internal organization of the team, the importance of communication and interaction between colleagues and how to satisfactorily deliver to customers what they request.

Working in Customer Service makes being constantly updated absolutely paramount. Mosaico continuously creates new products and belongs to an international market,so it is important to be flexible and well-organized. As Rossella Salinari tells in her interview, a cohesive team where communication is clear and information is shared is essential to provide efficient and timely service to customers.

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What are the main activities of Mosaico's Customer Service?

The main activities carried out in the Mosaico Customer Service department are the management of the negotiations and the order, from start to finish. We begin with emails and phone calls, working with the sales manager, with the managers, and with the account manager. Then we submit the order in the management system. We take care of each step of the order, including the customer's financial aspect, the production, and the shipment in cooperation with the other departments of Mosaico and the Burgo Group. Finally, we get to the customer care part with the customer feedback. If there are any problems or complaints, within the department we deal with the submission and management of the complaint.

How is Mosaico's Customer Service organized?

Mosaico's Customer Service is divided by geographical areas and by product types.

Each of the sales consultants has been assigned an area based on the spoken language, to ensure that customers receive timely feedback.

We have divided the areas of competence according to spoken languages, but also according to personal attitudes and knowledge of foreign markets. Since we work in an international market, we need to know and understand the regulations applied in the different countries and therefore deliver a prompt response to our customers.

How does the sales network of Mosaico work?

Mosaico's sales network employs external sales agents, internal Area Managers, and Account Managers who report to the Sales Manager. All flow into the office, so each sales consultant works with an agent or an area manager, and the area manager informs our department about the commercial aspect of the negotiation with the customer.

What do customers expect from Mosaico's Customer Service?

Undoubtedly, a customer expects swiftness and thorough information from Mosaico's Customer Service. The world of Specialty Paper is constantly evolving: as there are new products every day, Customer Service must also be ready to react to the changes in the market. Our department must be aware of all the new kinds of paper that Mosaico produces and be attentive to the customer, to satisfactorily deliver to customers what they request.

What is the strength of Mosaico's Customer Service?

The strength of Mosaico's Customer Service is the team. In running a Customer Service, where information must always be updated, and where there must always be communication, sharing is key: sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing information, and also sharing time.

A team creates customer satisfaction and that is certainly vital. When customers turn to Mosaico and their usual sales consultant is not available, they know that the team is ready to help, because there is a steady exchange of information. Each of us takes care to maintain essential competence in every segment of the international market and its regulations.

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