Paper Mills / Chiampo

Plant of Chiampo
via Arzignano, 38
36072 - Chiampo (VI)
Tel. +39 0444624288
Fax +39 0444624130

Plant specifications

Production capacity (t/year) 40.000
Paper produced One-side coated woodfree gloss
One-side coated woodfree
Specialty papers
Number of production lines 1
Range of substances from 35 to 160 gsm
Autonomous production Steam, Electricity
Cogeneration power plants 1

Machine specifications

Macchine continue Velocità max m/min Altezza utile cm
PM1 800 240

Description and specialisation

In legacy of the Arzignano paper mill, the Valchiampo mill (now known as Chiampo) was founded in 1961. Initially the paper mill produced duplex paper for packaging (kraft natural and white), using only recycled paper. Towards the middle of the 1960’s, production was orientated towards the sole use of chemical pulp and the creation of new types of paper that are still in production today; like, for example, labels for bottles of mineral water and the relevant posters. Annual investments have always been aimed at improving both quality and production volume while remaining flexible and paying constant attention to market trends. In merit of these traits, at the beginning of the 1990’s the production of machine glazed paper for labels was replaced in favour of the more popular one-side coated paper. To satisfy market demands for cut-to-size paper two paper cutters were installed at the plant. Approximately 87.5% of the paper currently produced is destined for the cut-to-size market.

The capacity to react promptly to changes in the market stems from the capacity to invest in changes that adapt the plant to current trends. Over the years major investments have resulted in the following adaptations:

  • 1991 addition of a two nip soft calender
  • 1996 adjustments to the Fourdrinier table and the press section
  • 1997 installation of a speed-coater and the addition of two drying sections
  • 1998 transformation of on of the drying sections into a slalom
  • 2000 replacement of the old glazing cylinder with a new one with a diameter of 4.20m and a new size press
  • 2001 new winder

The Chiampo paper mill is specialized in machine glazed and one-side coated paper for adhesive and non labels, posters, posters with coloured backings, double coated shopping bags and paper for the food industry. In looking ahead to the future Chiampo is aimed in two directions: to further increase the speed of its paper machine (currently around 760 m/min); to extend sales of the paper produced to the global market.

The mill has attained the FSC forest certification, as well Standard UNI EN 15593:2008 Conformity Certification for "Management of Hygiene in the Production of Packaging for Foodstuffs".