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Production strategies of Mosaico Specialty Papers

What are the most strategic products for Mosaico? And what is the market in which Mosaico operates? In this interview with Antonio Appruzzese, Commercial Director of Mosaico Specialty Papers, we will deepen the knowledge of Mosaico's customers and learn how products are adapted to different market needs.

Mosaico has a highly varied and flexible production, as Antonio Appruzzese, commercial director of Mosaico Specialty Papers, tells us in his interview, to create the right products, a high technical ability is required, together with a deep understanding of customers' needs. Over the years Mosaico has developed various business models defined on different sectors of industry, both national and international, and focuses on eco-friendly products' development, following, once again, the market needs.

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What are the product categories of Mosaico Specialty Papers?

Mosaico produces a varied range of products in its five plants. 

  • labels, both self-adhesive and products for printing fronts and backing, with siliconized liner; 
  • labels in sheets for direct printing, specific for soft drinks and beers;
  • the range for flexible packaging and, finally, one side coated craft papers with cellulose fiber, glossy papers, and uncoated papers. 

Then we have niche products: blue-back panels for outdoor billboards, digital papers... The range of digital plotters is very important in the Backlit versions, such as backlit bus stop panels or flame-retardant versions for subways or any indoor environment, especially in the French market, where the M1 standard is required. The Cardboard range uses pure cellulose, so the cardboard is classified internationally as GZ and its production is currently being expanded in one of the Group's plants with growth both in range and quantities available for sale

Which Mosaico's products are the most strategic?

Mosaico's strategic products are essentially aimed at the self-adhesive label sector, where we offer an extensive range of products for fronts, i.e. single-coated standard gloss, high gloss, smooth or embossed papers for wine labels, and more. Then we have a substantial range of siliconing products, that is to say, the back for the removable part of the adhesive label.

Equally important in the label sector is the world of format printing, so water and glue. Within the final destination market, the world of soft drinks, spirits, and alcoholic beverages, the beer labels sector is very important for Mosaico: today it is a market at the industrial level and is dominated by big multinationals.

Moving on, in order of importance, to the strategic sector of a more relevant range of Mosaico products, we have Flexible Packaging, for which we have two active plants: Treviso and Tolmezzo.

Why would a customer choose Mosaico Specialty Papers?

The first advantage of Mosaico is the combination of products: the range we offer of semi-commodity products, bulk, and niche products.
We are also able to offer excellent logistical services with the product range.
A second aspect worthy of mentioning is the special attention to technical matters: our staff looks after the changes to existing products, or the development of new products and therefore attends to the needs of our customers and also of the customers of our customers.
Furthermore, we have commercial flexibility which allows us not only to foresee sales development in the short term of 1 or 2 years, but also to aim for the medium-long term.

How would you describe the market in which Mosaico operates?

Over the years, Mosaico has developed business models suitable for different industry sectors.
Many of our international partners are multinationals with global presence and require worldwide supplier visibility. For this reason, we have developed a commercial and technical approach that is deeply attentive to the needs of brand owners, at the same time caring for the technical needs of converters and especially printers. The balance of different market players is essential for the development of a winning strategy.
To date, over 60% of Mosaico's turnover is outside Italy, mainly in Europe. Our key markets, both in terms of volume and product strategies, are Germany and France.
For the future, we foresee a development in overseas markets, mostly meaning the North American market, where in recent years we have done important commercial work to consolidate the presence and visibility of Mosaico in the America First mentality of the USA customers and today we are preparing to reap the fruits of our labour


What are Mosaico's projects for the range of eco-friendly products?

Mosaico looks to the future with a range of products aimed at innovation in the environmental impact.

Therefore, although we are producers of polythene papers for extrusion coating, we are significantly oriented towards alternative solutions to the use of plastic films. These alternatives are made with eco-friendly compostable barriers on single-coated flexible packaging products or even on cardboard, and also with innovative products and fibers, such as in our grass papers, which have a fiber content of up to 40% of hay fibres.

How does Mosaico create tailor-made projects for its customers?

By nature, and I would say by history, Mosaico has always developed, alongside the extensive volumes for the industries, the niche volumes that are normally made in smaller production plants,  that have the required flexibility to satisfy customers on the specificities, in the development of customized products.
Mosaico has always been open to considering the development of customized products and this arises from the very nature of our production lines and the integration into the group's plants of bigger, faster production lines, which are suitable for bulk productions, and also of medium-sized, more flexible lines, which can satisfy the needs of niche customers.


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