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Paper Cars

martedì 29 Gennaio 2008


Have you ever dreamt of owning a vintage car?  Problems with your personal budget? Do you feel under stress?

Why not building your own brand new (paper) car? It’s easy: you just need paper, glue and scissors and, wow, a new Mini is ready for you. You will even save on petrol…

Niemeyer is 100 (and one month) years old today

martedì 15 Gennaio 2008
oscar.jpg On December 15th, 2007 the well known architect Oscar Niemeyer celebrated his 100-year birthday. A month later and with a little bit of delay, we wish to celebrate and congratulate him on this important birthday Oscar!

From the people living in one of your evocative buildings…

World Design Capital Torino 2008

martedì 1 Gennaio 2008

1 gennaio 2008.

Torino entra ufficialmente nell’Anno Mondiale del Design.  Discorso d’élite e diffusione popolare. La sfida è dura ma altrettanto coinvolgente.  Portare il tema del design alla gente comune, farla interagire, far scoprire il design nelle visioni quotidiani attraverso una lente ad hoc, il to design to. Cercheremo di raccontarvi il design che ci sta più a cuore, quello sulla carta, ça va sans dire.


January 1st, 2008.

Torino officially opens the year of World Design Year.  Elite topic and popular diffusion. A hard challenge, but appealing at the same time: to take the world of design to common people, making them interact and discover design in daybyday visions through a specific lens, the to design to. We will try to tell you about the design we love more, the one on paper, of course.