Environmental sustainability

Waste management and disposal

The Group has an ongoing commitment to actions to reduce its production of waste and for proper recycling of the waste it does produce.

Various Research & Development activities have specifically focused on developing strategies and technologies that make it possible to achieve the following objectives:

  • to optimise production processes in order to reduce waste;
  • to identify raw materials with high production yields and lower environmental impact;
  • to develop plant solutions that promote the closure of cycles and achieve greater productivity;
  • to find effective solutions for the recovery and reuse of sludge and bark.

Year on year there is a steady downward trend in total waste produced: for example, there was a reduction of over 40% in waste produced between 2016 and 2019.

This result is mainly attributable to constant optimisation of the production cycles in the various plants and the management of some production waste as “by-products”. A prime example is the management of the sawdust produced at the Tolmezzo site during the wood chips sorting.

We have provided these in black on (a brilliant) white

The Group's data are collected in official reports, printed on Respecta 100 paper, a paper produced entirely from post-consumer recycled fibres and with an excellent white appearance.

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