Environmental sustainability

Responsible sourcing of raw materials

The Group encourages the purchase of fibrous raw materials from responsibly and sustainably managed forests to ensure renewability, biodiversity and the maintenance of habitats.

The Group secures a significant proportion (about 35%) of its fibre consumption (chemical and mechanical pulp) from its own production.

The purchase of fibrous raw materials to supplement the Group's own production is the first process to be monitored and controlled: for this reason the Burgo Group prioritises the purchase of wood and fibrous raw materials from FSC® and PEFC certified forests alongside purchases of control wood (CW) and controlled source wood and raw materials.

We have provided these in black on (a brilliant) white

The Group's data are collected in official reports, printed on Respecta 100 paper, a paper produced entirely from post-consumer recycled fibres and with an excellent white appearance.

Go to the page with latest financial and sustainability reports and download the electronic documents.

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