Sculpture in wood,1996

Burgo’s HQ in San Mauro, Turin

The commissioned work represents a figurative reinterpretation of the three prime colours. It was adopted as a symbol of paper’s capacity to transmit art and knowledge; an image that was to become the brand for the Paper Encyclopedia, a collection of papers produced by Burgo, and the signature on product catalogues and institutional communications until the end of 2004.


Mario Surbone

Mario Surbone was born in 1932 in Treville Monferato, in the northern Italian province of Alessandria. He studied art at college and at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, where he was a student under Felice Casorati. While still a student he developed his own very personal artistic style. In 1957 he went to Paris, exhibited his works for the first time in 1958 at the National Exhibition of Youth Art in Rome and then returned to Paris to study and work in 1960-61.
Just as there are no traces of Casorati in his work, neither did he ever produce anything, not even in his early days, to assimilate him to the informal, After reviving figuring by weaving it in with geometric shapes, he tackled the adventure of his Carvings (1968-78), with regular cuts in nearly always cardboard supports. Experimenting with alternatives to paint followed with the invention of composites and colours contributing to a slight three dimensional effect depending on the passage of light.
His Acrylics on wood (from 1978) continue with geometric shapes though combined with factors of nature such as a leaf, a needle, an eye, hand or mouth. Elements that are not mere fragments but convey a sense of completeness and reality. From 1987 onwards the artist began to make use of large planning designs, equal in size to the finished work when realizing acrylics for large sinopias.
Mario Surbone