Il vento del 2000

Lithograph Jubilee year, 2000

Burgo commissioned the artist to produce a limited edition lithograph which the company presented to its customers to celebrate the Jubilee year. "Il vento del 2000", a work of art that both drives and welcomes the new century.


Francesco Casorati

Francesco Casorati was born in 1934 in Turin. Though the son of an to an already artistic family he developed his own independence and personal artistic style along two poetic lines – one directly following his instinct for design from childhood and the other directed, which served to modify this instinct, representative more of a figurative culture. In 1950, as a 16-year-old, he collaborated with «Noi Giovani», a cyclostyled magazine that first appeared in 1948 and was issued mainly in Turin, Rome and Venice. Run by Aldo Carrocci, the magazine container articles by Alberto Ninotti, who later became a journalist; Alberto Ca’ Zorzi, now a director for television; and the artists Mauro Chessa, Ruggero Savinio and Francesco Tabusso. In 1956 Casorati exhibited three of his oil paintings at the Venice Biennial. Between 1956 and 1957 Casorati spent a period of work and experience in Paris then in 1959 began teaching at the Turin College of Art. In 1975 he moved on to teach at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts where he held the position of professor of Decoration until 1985.
Casorati establishes himself as both a painter and engraver and participates and important exhibitions. The contents of his works of art are influenced in the 1960’s by his political activities but he soon developed a new quest, that of expression through dreamlike chronological situations: in the absence of a human presence, metaphysical and fairy-tale figures assume roles not of their competence. The symbology used is easily deciphered and sinks its roots down to a childhood world. The artist uses this magical dimension to introduce a mythical “space, which as such is also poetic that can but renounce > and lyrical values”.
Francesco Casorati