Paper Support

Burgo Group has joined the European campaign to promote paper and printed communication

The last decade has seen a substantial shift in media channels. The launch of new web technologies, their wide coverage and the fact that they are relatively easy to create and use has meant that paper-based communication has fallen considerably. Web communication is seen as being more economical and ecological plus it circulates faster among users.

However, the massive distribution of electronic communication as a marketing tool and vehicle for advertising has caused a drastic drop in readers' attention span and therefore reduces the effectiveness and useful life of the messages concerned.
But also the synergistic power of the paper value chain is of fundamental importance, given that all players in the production and distribution chain are each willing to make available their own know-how and resources to improve the effectiveness of communication.

This renewed bond between Burgo Group and the world of paper communication is based on certain basic maxims:

  • the physical nature of paper, which allows repeated contact, longer exposure to messages and conservation of information;
  • permanence, synonymous with credibility in as much as the party communicating is more involved in terms of responsibility;
  • the tactile experience associated with paper, which creates a greater involvement of readers by stimulating their imagination and capturing their attention;
  • environmental sustainability, thanks to an attentive forestry management policy and the very nature of paper products, namely, their natural origin and that they are from a renewable source and can also be recycled;
  • energy sustainability, thanks to investments in high performance cogeneration power stations that lead to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

So Burgo Group has chosen to join two significant European projects in its category that aim to promote use of printed paper as an effective and sustainable communication media: