Glossary / F

FCO paper
Film coated paper where the coating is applied with two rollers.

Fibre loss
Loss of fibre material in pulp and paper processing.

Board made from defibrated wood chips, used as a building board.

A structural change occurring in the walls of chemical pulp fibres during beating.

Pigment, added to papermaking stock to improve properties such as opacity and smoothness, and often to reduce cost.

Filler content
Percentage of filler in a paper.

Filter paper
Unsized paper made from chemical pulp, in some cases also with an admixture of rags, sometimes with a wet strength finish. Filtration rate and selectivity, which are both dependent on the number and the size of the pores, can be controlled by specific grinding of the pulps and creping.

Fine paper
High–quality printing, writing or copy paper produced from chemical pulp and usually containing less than 10% mechanical pulp.

Fine paper
Quality term for a large number of woodfree printing papers, based on chemical pulp with usually less than 10 % mechanical pulp. Sometimes fine paper also is made with an admixture of rags or wholly from rag pulp.

Flame resistant paper
Flame resistant paper may ignite but must extinguish immediately so that it chars. This property is imparted to the paper by impregnation with certain chemicals.

Flexographic printing
A method of relief letterpress printing using flexible rubber or photopolymer plates on wet rotary presses.

Flong paper
A pulp–like, coated–type paper.

Flotation deinking
Deinking process in which air is blown into a dilute fibre suspension. Ink particles adhere to the air bubbles and rise to the surface, where they are removed.

Flue gas scrubber
Equipment for removing impurities from flue gases by dissolving them in aqueous solution.

Fodder pulp
Protein produced from pulp mill spent liquors and sometimes mixed with animal feeds.

Folding boxboard
Single or multilayer paperboard made from primary and/or secondary fibres, sometimes with a coated front, used to make consumer packaging (cartons).

Fourdrinier wire
Horizontally moving metal or plastic mesh belt (wire) on which the paper web is formed.

A component of a mixture that can be separated on the basis of some property or properties.

Fully bleached pulp
Pulp that has been bleached to the highest brightness attainable (> 90 ISO).