Calendar 2014

The colours of the wind

Burgo Group has chosen as the delicate silhouettes  by Alessandro Sanna for its 2014 calendar.

Six “caresses of time”, carried by the wind that blows from one season to the next. In the watercolours, created exclusively for Burgo Group, “leaves, petals and sheets of paper float through the seasons like thoughts and mood swings”.

“The colours of the wind” is the title of the artwork which continues the tradition of Burgo Group to involve the world’s most famous illustrators in the creation of their calendar.

For Alessandro Sanna, who also wrote the introductory text for the calendar, 2014 opens with “a postman on a bicycle like Jacques Tati in colours sending mail flying free”. Spring arrives and a magician challenges the change of seasons with card-tricks. A kite flies gracefully to leave space to thoughts which fly away from a piano immersed in the strong summer colours. Autumn observes two lovers chasing a secret letter, to return to the cold silence of winter on which a light crescent is silhouetted.

Introductory text


Alessandro Sanna

Alessandro Sanna was born in 1975, and lives in Mantua. He illustrated books written by David Grossman, Italo Calvino, Gianni Rodari, Beppe Fenoglio, Cervantes and Lewis Carroll.

He produces illustrated books for which he writes the texts and draws the images.

In 2009, he received the Andersen Award for best illustrator of the year and the Rigamonti Award for visual arts from the San Fedele Gallery in Milan.

For Nuages Editions he produced Tracce e Il Flauto Magico in 2010, Mizia, with texts by Roberto Piumini, in 2011.

He works with newspapers such as Il Corriere della sera, the New York Times and The New Yorker. Since 2013, he has been the official illustrator of Vanity Fair France.

His most recent work is a graphic novel on the River Po, published in Italy by Rizzoli. By 2014, it will also be published in the United States and Germany.