Calendar 2013

The seasons

The seasons seen by a great artist. The draughtsman and illustrator Fabian Negrin is the author of the 2013 Burgo calendar. Another work of art that maintains the Group’s consolidated tradition of commissioning the world’s best–known illustrators to produce the pictures for its calendar.

It is almost an exploration of the time still to come, a very personal interpretation of the seasons by an artist who adopts watercolours and tempera in the six tables to offer us his impression of passing time. It all begins with a vision of the future, a child’s adventurous dream, it continues in the Spring of a Japan in bloom, it celebrates the new season with orange magic lanterns, it explores mythological seas where time seems to stand still, it takes on metaphysical characteristics in a changing nature, and finally it reinterprets an archaic myth in a new futuristic vision.

“Negrin creates the images for a book that has not been written yet, the book of the time that will come next year”, we read in Fernando Bandini’s text that accompanies the calendar. It is a suggestive, poetic time, which is bound together by paper in its many applications.

Fabian Negrin is a multifaceted, eclectic artist, who was born in Argentina in 1963 and moved to Milan in 1989. In the past he worked for daily papers and international magazines, before becoming an illustrator of children’s books, an activity that has won him several awards. He expresses his originality with every drawing technique, from acrylic ink to tempera and watercolour, alternating a strong stroke with the magic of colour.

These elements are reproduced perfectly on the paper chosen by Burgo Group for its calendar: Burgo Respecta 100 satin, 250 gsm, the top quality coated fine paper with FSC® recycled credit certification, produced with 100% recycled fibre and developed to really enhance environmental communications. Respecta 100 guarantees excellent printing results because it is made from cellulose produced from selected waste matter that is processed with cutting edge technologies.

The cover is printed on Prisma Silk 2SC, 500 gsm, pure cellulose coated card with FSC® mixed credit certification, which enhances the chromatic fidelity and post–printing treatments of luxury graphical products.

The four–colour printing is coated with a special varnish on the verso, while the cover is enhanced with a silk–screened varnish.


Fabian Negrin

Fabian Negrin was born in Argentina in 1963. When he was 18 he moved to Mexico City, where he graduated at the Faculty of Graphics of the National Autonomous University and studied for a Master’s degree in etching at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts. He also studied Poster Design with Wiktor Gorka and Corporate Identity with Félix Beltrán, working as an illustrator with leading newspapers and with several publishing houses.

He moved to Milan in 1989, and his illustrations appeared in several papers and magazines, including “Corriere della Sera”, “Manifesto”, “Panorama”, “Marie Claire”, “Grazia” and “Linea d’Ombra”. He spent 1995 travelling between Milan and London where he collaborated with “The Independent”, “Tatler”, “GQ”, “Walter & Thompson” and “Radio Times” (BBC). That same year he won the UNICEF prize at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair with the tables for In bocca al lupo. In 1999, 2001 and 2003 he was selected for the Biennial of Illustration of Bratislava, and received the BIB Plaque in 2009 for the books L’amore t’attende and Mille giorni e una notte. In 2000 he won the Andersen – World of Childhood award as the best illustrator of the year, and in 2005, the Lo Straniero Prize from the magazine edited by Goffredo Fofi.

More recently, in 2010, his book The Riverbank based on a text by Charles Darwin, won the Bologna Ragazzi Award (Non-Fiction) and the John Burroughs Young Reader’s Award for Children’s Nature Writing (USA), and in 2011 it won the Andersen – World of Childhood award for the best illustrated book. His book Chiamatemi Sandokan! was selected as the best Italian picture book for the IBBY Honour List Illustrator 2012.

Since 2001, after Il gigante Gambipiombo published by Orecchio acerbo, he has published several books for which he also wrote the text. He is now working as an illustrator in Italy and abroad, primarily in the field of children’s publishing.