Calendar 2012

Fuori dal tempo

Painter and illustrator Cecco Mariniello is the author of the Burgo Group 2012 calendar.
A work of art that continues the Group’s consolidated tradition of commissioning the images for its calendars from the most celebrated illustrators of the day: Moebius, Griffa, Muñoz, Loustal and Pericoli to mention just the most recent. The latest calendar differs from past editions for the technique chosen by the artist, namely oil and not the water colour or wash drawings used previously. The calendar’s format is also different, a square unit that sets the calendar months alongside the images.
Cecco Mariniello’s six oil paintings entitled Fuori dal tempo (Out of Time) were done exclusively for the Burgo Group calendar. They mark the passing of the seasons every two months by means of the metaphysical blue of sea, river and lake waters observed through a window or from a terrace. Landscapes of memory with no specific geographic connotation and for this reason universal.
The only elements that do not change as the seasons pass are the images of young women engrossed in the reading of a book: the link between landscapes and paper, imaginary dwelling for the written word inspiring thoughts unknown to the spectator.


Cecco Mariniello

Cecco Mariniello was born in Siena in 1950. He has worked for thirty years as an illustrator with newspapers and periodicals (Le Monde, La Stampa, La Repubblica), with the main Italian publishers which know him as one of the best known illustrators of children's books, and with various foreign publishers including Usborne (UK), Henry Holt (USA), Gallimard, Grasset (Francia) and Grimm Press (Taiwan).

He has won the Andersen - World of Children award twice (1985 e 1990) and the City of Verbania - Il Battello a Vapore prize (1996), along with many other prizes and awards; his works have been selected for numerous fairs and events in Italy and abroad.

In recent years he has focused on oil painting on canvas and water colours on paper, depicting surreal and comic-poetic subjects. His Opere Buffe have been shown in Milan in 2004, in 2005 in Montreal and in 2006 in Florence. In the autumn of 2010 he showed at the Nuages gallery a series of paintings, done in 2009-2010 and collected in the Ricordi della villeggiatura volume.

Cecco Mariniello