Calendar 2010

Papier Plasir

The encounter between Burgo and Loustal connotes a profound elective affinity: the artist in fact depicts his relationship with paper, Papier Plaisir, a true pleasure to be savoured while “meandering stationer’s and artist supply shops, looking at the various types of paper, considering each one by one, between thumb and finger, the texture, the weight and the strength”.

Passion giving birth to a calendar where Loustal represents artists, and therefore also himself in the act of “personally depicting, in this case Mediterranean landscapes, where paper becomes the prime depository of the sensations evoked by these settings”. Together these scenes represent the passing of the year combined with an annotation, an innermost consciousness: the ability and desire to live in relation to nature and the metamorphosis of the seasons.



Jacques de Loustal

Jacques de Loustal (known as Loustal) was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, on 10 April 1956. He has illustrated many comics based on scripts by Philippe Paringaux, Jerôme Charyn and Jean-Luc Fromental.
His large body of work covers not only comics but also illustrations and paintings. His carnets de voyages, drawn in pen or painted in watercolours, are particularly notable.

Over the years Loustal has established himself as one of the greatest artists in this field: an illustrator of emotion, he knows how to render silences and atmospheres or a character’s state of mind like no-one else. His comics often have a literary feel, marked by an aura of elegant detachment and disenchantment.
His paintings, influenced by Fauves and David Hockney, are also remarkable. He is a master in all media, from ink to watercolour, oils to charcoal.

Jaques de Loustal