Calendar 2008

Un viaggio lungo un anno

The Burgo Group has chosen watercolours by Giorgio Maria Griffa for its 2008 calendar. Paintings that recount the artist’s travels: solitary journeys transpiring the echo of the author’s poetic world and particular sense of time.

The artist’s works in the calendar have been "transliterated", passing from a pictorial alphabet to that of a digital representation, resulting in a dialogue between art and technology; that of the original painting and its printed version on paper. A mapping of space, both physical and ethereal, making both paper and images new realms to be explored.



Giorgio Maria Griffa

Born in Biella in 1944, Giorgio Maria Griffa defines himself as a pharmacist manqué. In watercolour, he has found the medium that satisfies him most for transferring the memories of his travels onto paper, and he then uses alchemy to mix the colours. He has a great love of travel and his destinations – the subjects of his watercolours – are carefully chosen. He prefers the north to the east and chooses sparsely populated places. He moves around discreetly, he doesn’t ask questions and doesn’t bother people. His travel watercolours are exhibited in galleries "far away from the mainstream" and he publishes accounts of his journeys in specialist magazines, both in Italy and abroad. His travel books illustrated with his watercolours include: Breakfast & Brunch (Idealibri, 1988), Tierra del Fuego (Eventi&Progetti, 1995), Acquarelli di viaggio (Watercolour journeys), telling the story of a journey to the Falklands, Antarctica and South Georgia, (Nuages Edizioni, 1999) and I fari degli Stevenson (The Stevensons’ Lighthouses) (Nuages Edizioni, 2005). Finally, in 2006, he also created a set of watercolours and collages to illustrate Escursione alle Isole Eolie (Excursion to the Aeolian Islands) by Alexandre Dumas, which came out in the Nuages series "Classici illustrati".

Giorgio Maria Griffa