Calendar 2005

Perini 2005

A calendar with illustrations by Perini that question the relationship between animals and time: animals though not sensing the rush of time are aware of the months and seasons throughout the year as they awake each day.


Roberto Perini

Roberto Perini was born in Rome in 1950 where he attended the Liceo Artistica in via Ripetta. After gaining his diploma he enrolled in the Accademia di Belle Arti and the Facoltà di Architettura in Rome.
He began working as a news illustrator on Paese Sera and in the 1970s worked with various newspapers: L’Espresso, Panorama, L’Europeo, Il Manifesto and Linus, and in the same years became part of the new Italian satire. Indeed, he was one of the founders of Male, Cannibale, Zut, Il clandestino, Boxer and also contributed to Cuore. His works, mainly watercolours, have been shown in various exhibitions.
He has also worked on stage design, in the theatre with the director Giancarlo Sepe on works by Brecht, and in cinema with Federico Fellini (Roma) and Carmelo Bene (Salomè). He founded the anti–futurist movement Frou–frou in 1986 with Roland Topor against the pace of modern life.
He has designed all the covers for the novels of Pennac published by Feltrinelli and some for Montalban (the one for Ricette immorali was particularly memorable). He wrote and illustrated Misteri in 1995 and Segreti in 1998, two volumes of stories and images of Cuba, for Edizioni Nuages. He has also illustrated a selection of stories by Gogol for Nuages in the illustrated classics series.

Since 2002 he has been working with the daily paper Il Riformista, contributing a drawing for the front page. Since 1992 he has been living between Rome and Cuba.

roberto Perini