Calendario 2002

Luzzati 2002

The history of paper, from incisions on stone to papyrus together with all the evolutive stages that have led paper to what it is today, a means for thought and communication.


Emanuele Luzzati

Best known as a production designer and illustrator he was a maestro in all fields of applied art.

Born in Genoa in 1921, Luzzati studied and graduated in Lausanne at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and devoted his skills to collaborating with theatre and film directors, architects, artists and internationally renowned writers. In 1972, he exhibited at the Venice Biennale and in 1975, together with Tonino Conte and Aldo Trionfo, founded a theatre called Teatro della Tosse in Genoa. The author of a number of animated films in collaboration with Giullio Gianini he also received two Oscar nominations. Luzzati is the interpreter of a dexterous and well-educated figurative culture, able to skilfully use any and all mediums: from terracotta to paint, the braiding of wools for tapestries, engravings on a variety of surfaces, collages of paper and fabrics to create stage sets and costumes through to the design of decorative panels, embossments and wall hangings for ships. The richness of his fabulous world, the promptness and expressiveness of his very personal style have made him one of the most loved and admired artists of our time.

Emanuele Luzzati