Label Papers by Mosaico Specialty Papers

Mosaico Specialty Papers presents the new swatch book of label papers, which includes both papers suitable self-adhesive applications (PSL, Pressure Sensitive Labels) and for wet glue (WGL, Wet glue labels).

Burgo Group calendar 2019

The Burgo Group calendar 2019 will take us on a never-ending journey, that of paper, a material with endless possibilities, born form a machine that seems to never end, which throughout human history has taken our dreams and stories and propelled them into the future in a never-ending exchange, transforming over and again into new and different products.

BURGO_CARTACEO#01_carta materia infinita

Burgo Group participates in BookCity Milano 2018 with the project "CARTACEO # 01 PAPER: A NEVER-ENDING MATERIAL", a story for lovers of paper told through an event that will take place on Sunday, November 18th at 16: 30 *, at La Triennale di Milano, Sala Agorà .

To describe its project Burgo has collaborated with Gabriella Greison, writer and storyteller, and Emiliano Ponzi, illustrator, realizing a short publication .