Research & Development


Research that generates value in terms of product, savings and the environment.

The task of Burgo Group's R&D Division involves cooperation with other units within the Group (from laboratories to plant systems), a dialogue with a large number of external partners (suppliers' pilot plants, associations, etc.) and with international research centres.

So its vision is global and focuses on medium and long-term projects, for a business that really does create growth. Based on this premise Burgo Group research focuses on specific areas:

  • innovation and boosting the qualitative features of products, in relation to market requirements;
  • improvement of product margins and optimisation of production processes;
  • development of solutions that make production as compatible as possible with safeguarding the environment.

Raw materials

Raw materials: cellulose, wood pulp and waste paper for a sustainable production

Better exploitation of raw materials is an important objective for Burgo Group, one that enables it to achieve qualitative improvements and savings, above all in environmental terms.

A case in point are studies concerning re-utilisation of waste paper pulp with an eye to improving it for use in top quality printing papers. For some time now Burgo Group has been involved in research work in cooperation with the European task force and is increasingly active in production of top quality papers with a high recycled pulp content.

In addition to this there is innovation as regards processes for internal production of cellulose and exploitation of fibres used, activities that once again represent a combination of product quality improvement and concern for the environment.


Processes: cost optimisation and innovation as regards efficiency

R&D recent projects mainly focus on studying production processes that will enable financial performance or product quality improvements.

R&D work together with Manufacturing Division on engineering solutions to improve paper quality, above all for coated papers, the Group's core business.

Other projects target process improvement with a view to a more effective use of raw materials and natural resources in general (fibres, pigments, water, energy). Areas covered include closure of water cycles, reduction and internal recovery of process waste, innovative technologies for treating paper mill slurry, greater use of renewable energy sources.

On the environmental and sustainability front development continues of high value, environmentally compatible papers produced from certified forestry fibres and recycled pulps.

Growing importance is given to cooperation with other Group units in order to select raw materials, above all fibrous ones, by not only bearing in mind quality/price parameters but also the ability to communicate evidence of improvements in the environmental field. Forestry certification, quality of emissions into water and the air, the carbon footprint: these are all parameters that contribute to create the "environmental footprint" of Burgo Group products.

Burgo Group R&D collaborates with major European research institutes and laboratories and plays an active role in several CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industry) teamwork ventures.