The parent company Burgo Group S.p.A.
holds 100% of the share capital of:

  • Burgo Ardennes SA (BE)
  • Burgo Energia Srl
  • Mosaico Srl
  • Gever S.p.A. *

90% of Burgo Factor S.p.A.

* Merged by incorporation with Gever spa during 2017, it has taken its company name.

Furthermore the Burgo Group owns the companies re­sponsible for commercial and distribution activities in Italy and abroad:

  • Burgo Distribuzione Srl
  • Burgo Benelux Sa (B)
  • Burgo France Sarl (F)
  • Burgo UK Ltd (UK)
  • Burgo Deutschland GmbH (D)
  • Burgo North America Inc. (USA)
  • Burgo Polska Sp.z.o.o. (PL)
  • Through Burgo Ardennes, Burgo Ibérica Papel SA (E)

Through Burgo Ardennes (99.80%) and H.G.M. (0,20%), the Group also controls:

  • S.E.F.E. Sarl (F)

responsible for the management of forest resources