Code of Ethics and Values

Code of Ethics
Burgo Group's top management aims to achieve good governance by adopting a body of values, rules and procedures. And a cornerstone of the Corporate Governance system is the Code of Ethics, which was adopted by Group companies in 2003.
The Code of Ethics applies without exception to all Group employees and all other parties that have either direct or indirect business relations with the Group. Underlying principles of Group activities are compliance with the laws and provisions in all countries concerned and observance of internal regulations, within a framework of integrity, propriety and discretion.
The Code of Ethics is part of an internal control model that intends to provide the Group with the tools required to achieve its planned economic and managerial objectives, while ensuring prevention of offences and compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01 and subsequent modifications and integrations concerning the administrative responsibility of legal entities, companies and associations.


   Code of ethics (English version)

   Code d'étique (French version)


Passion - We are committed to and passionate about what we do.

Partnership - We are partners with and work alongside our customers.

Respect - We respect and safeguard the environment and feel responsible for the social consequences of our operations.