Paper Mills / Verzuolo

Plant of Verzuolo
via Roma 26
12039 - Verzuolo (CN)
Tel. +39 0175280111
Fax +39 0175280180

Plant specifications

Production capacity (t/year) 540.000
Paper produced LWC for web-offset and gravure
Number of production lines 2
Range of substances Gravure: from 51 to 80 gsm, Web-Offset from 45 to 70 gsm
Autonomous production Mechanical pulp: 220,000 t/year, Steam, Electricity
Cogeneration power plants 1
Logistics facilities Railway link

Machine specifications

Paper machines Max. Operating speed m/min Working width cm
PM8 1200 610
PM9 1900 960

Description and specialisation

The Verzuolo paper mill signalled the birth of Burgo in 1905 and is still today one of the strategic points in the group's entire business strategy. Attention to innovation has also recently been confirmed by the extensive restructuring of all the production units at the plant.

The PM8 has been modernised with innovations to the drying section, the coaters and the calenders to ensure line specialisation dedicated to quality gravure LWC.

Without a doubt the most important investment has involved the construction of one of the largest and fastest paper machines in the world, the PM9, which has significantly strengthened the Group’s position in the coated web-offset market. The new PM9, capable of operating under optimal conditions even at the extremely fast production speeds envisaged, has improved production performance in terms of both efficiency and quality, has drastically reduced waste and optimised water consumption throughout the entire production process.

All the components and processes are of new design: rapid drying and perfect smoothness thanks to “contour coating” technology that ensures extremely even film distribution. In fact, this machine combines production efficiency with the ability to produce high gloss paper with an optimum level of opacity and stiffness without compromising volume. The jumbo rolls, taken by a specific handling system to the reel winders, are then cut to required sizes. The reel wrapper - with a capacity of 125 packed reels/hour – concludes the process. Speed and precision also characterize service at the Verzuolo plant. Another of this paper mill’s strong points is its fully-automated finished-products warehouse, one of the largest of its kind in the world, 26 metres high and covering an area of 6,000 sqm . The facility has a capacity of 32,000 tonnes and can handle “traffic” of 125 incoming reels/hour, from both PM8 and PM9, and as many as 260 outgoing reels/hour. Automatic reel handling eliminates the risks of damages while speeding up deliveries and the railway sidings have been upgraded to handle the increase in railway traffic from 6,500 wagons/year to the current 19,000 incoming and outgoing wagons. The decision to favour rail transport reflects the Group’s philosophy concerning environmental impact and also that of the plant, that as well as significantly optimizing water consumption throughout the production process is also equipped with a cogeneration power plant producing clean energy.

The mill has attained PEFC and FSC forest certification and has also obtained EMAS registration.