Paper Mills / Treviso

Plant of Treviso
via Duca d'Aosta 109, Loc. Mignagola
31030 - Carbonera (TV)
Tel.+39 0422691200

Fax +39 0422691290

Plant specifications

Production capacity (t/year) 40.000
Paper produced Machine glazed kraft - Polythene laminated paper
Number of production lines 1 (PM6) - 4 (estrusori)
Range of substances from 25 to 130 gsm (PM6), from 9 to 50 gsm of polythene (Extrusion)
Autonomous production Steam

Machine specifications

Paper machines Max. Operating speed m/min Working width cm
PM6 750 328
Extrusion machines    
Erwepa 350 133
Rotomec1 400 164
Rotomec2 450 173
Rotomec3 450 220

Description and specialisation

At the end of the 1800’s the Treviso mill, already operational and producing paper from straw pulp, was modernised with the installation of the PM1 and a few years later with the PM2. In 1931 the mill was incorporated by Burgo and began to specialise in the production of Kraft paper. The PM6 characterized by a glazing cylinder and the PM7 specialized in the production of paper for bags that was subsequently processed in another department by a paper bag machine, were installed in 1954.
In the years to follow, the less productive lines, including the bag machine were stopped until only the PM6 remained active.
As of 1968 the plant began a growing specialization in the technique of extrusion laminating paper with polythene and installed the first extruder Erwepa. The extrusion line, Rotomec 1 followed in 1973, in 1988 Rotomec 2 and in 1996 Rotomec 3.

The plant continues to be specialized in the production of kraft single coated and machine glazed white and natural paper, both uncoated and polythene-laminated for printed and plain wrapping paper for the food industry (counter paper, bags for sugar, seeds, etc.), interposition sheets as a base to be siliconed for transfer printing, laminating with aluminium and printed or plain packaging for all the forms of coated paper produced by the Burgo Group.

In recent years investments have concerned production efficiency and the technological innovation of the machines, both aimed at improving standards of quality. 2001: modifications to the PM6 to bring the line up to its current production capacity (+ 25%); 2002/2003: installation of a new generation corona treating machine on the extrusion line; 2006: new extrusion head for the Rotomec 2.

The location facilitates logistics: the plant is in fact located at just 10 minutes from the A27 Treviso south motorway tollgate.

The mill has attained FSC forest certification and is the first Italian mill, and one of the first in Europe, to have achieved Standard UNI EN 15593:2008 certification for "Management of hygiene in the production of packaging for foodstuffs."