Paper Mills / Sora

Plant of Sora
viale San Domenico, 62
03039 - Sora (FR)
Tel. +39 077685221
Fax +39 0776813445

Plant specifications

Production capacity (t/year) 280.000
Paper produced Coated woodfree
Number of production lines 2
Range of substances from 90 to 350 gsm
Autonomous production Steam, Electricity

Machine specifications

Paper machines Max. Operating speed m/min Working width cm
PM1 1000 365
PM2 950 380

Description and specialisation

The Sora paper mill was constructed in 1963 and is located on the banks of the river Fibreno. Paper production began in 1964 with the installation of the papermaking Line 1. Just three years later the plant had already begun to expand and a second production line was installed. The plant is specialised in double and triple coated woodfree paper (90% cut to size) and significant investments in recent years have involved the modernisation of both production lines. In particular those on line 1 (machine head, table and former sections, presses) have been aimed at improving quality and the production capacity of the plant. With regard to energy, the production line is powered by autonomously produced electricity from two turbines (through counter-pressure and condensation).

The mill has received FSC and PEFC forest certifications.