Paper Mills / Duino

Plant of Duino
S.Giovanni di Duino 24/D
34013 - Duino (TS)
Tel. +39 0402099111
Fax +39 0402099132

Plant specifications

Production capacity (t/year)300.000
Paper producedLWC and MWC for weboffset and gravure printing
Number of production lines2
Range of substancesfrom 45 to 90 gsm
Autonomous productionMechanical pulp: 110,000 t/year, Steam, Electricity
Cogeneration power plants1
Logistics facilitiesRailway link

Machine specifications

Paper machinesMax Operating speed max m/minWorking width cm

Description and specialisation

The Duino plant was founded almost 50 years ago, in 1958 and has always been innovative. The first machine to be installed was designed for producing newsprint. The then Cartiere del Timavo was quick to develop and just three years later a second paper machine was installed followed not long after by a coater for both lines. From then on the paper mill specialized in coated sheets and reels of paper but production ceased at the beginning of the 1980’s. In 1991 the Duino plant was already part of Cartiere Burgo and the installation of PM 3 signalled a significant turning point in the mill’s history. For 10 years the new paper machine was the largest and fastest in Italy and among the best in Europe. After the installation of PM 9 at Verzuolo, PM 3 at Duino directed its entire production towards LWC gravure and became one of Europe’s leading producers of this type of paper. In the meantime, towards the mid 1990’s, gravure white began to be produced on PM 2. The silk version in particular represented an innovation in the gravure production field and obtained significant success.

Duino today is in fact highly specialized on more than one front. After the restart, Line 1 has produced MWC web-offset paper, while Line 2, just to prove how eclectic it really is, divides production fifty–fifty between MWC web–offset and LWC and MWC gravure white printing papers , in both glossy and matt versions. Line 3 represents the Group's main nucleus of LWC gravure production with a distinct penchant for lighter substances, used mainly in the delicate and demanding catalogue printing sector.

Additionally the plant produces mechanical pulp and energy which is also sold to third parties.

In confirming the plant’s excellence, a policy of constant investment is applied to both machinery and services.

  • Improvements to PM 1
  • Development and completion of a rail link
  • Upgrading of the Vari-top winder and the reel handling system on PM 3 and a new packaging plant for the production of maxi reels (max 4.32 m)

From a logistics point of view the Duino plant is well situated and organized. The port at Monfalcone and the motorway are both just a few kilometres from the plant and the recent completion of the rail link facilitates the arrival of raw materials, in particular wood, and the despatch of reels.

The mill has attained FSC and PEFC forest certification.

PM1 was idled in late 2010.

* In December 2015 the paper production of PM2 was temporarily suspended waiting for future evaluations.