The birth of Burgo Group

Nasce Burgo Group

1st January 2007: Burgo Group S.p.A made its debut through the merger by incorporation of Cartiere Marchi S.p.A. into Cartiere Burgo S.p.A.. The Burgo Group is Southern Europe’s main producer of graphic papers and operates in the following sectors: paper distribution, energy, plant engineering, raw fibrous materials, the collection, selection and treatment of waste paper and the management of forestry products and effluent water.
A new reality founded on the sharing of the best Burgo and Marchi operating methods, whose institutional values derive from a hundred-year-old history that is strengthened by the ability to seize the challenges of the third millennium, through environmental protection, product quality, fullness of range, capacity for innovation and elevated levels of service.
Burgo Group presents itself through a new brand name designed to transmit contemporary style, elegance and a balanced dynamism, suggested by the curved line. The graphic papers produced by the Group remain accompanied by the prestigious Burgo and Marchi brands (renewed graphically) while a new brand, Mosaico, has been created for the specialty papers.