Solaris Flam

Solaris Flamthe fire-resistant grade from Mosaico Specialty Papers, is now even more accessorized.

Solaris Flam is a fire-resistant paper for indoor posters and to be laminated to board for POS display units, now also meeting the request for suspended advertising panels for shopping malls.

It provides top quality and today it has been enhanced with record ink-drying times to meet ever-shorter production times but also excellent opaqueness for printing on both sides and with no shining through effect.
Not only. It complies to strict safety norms. It is fire-resistant with M1 fire-reaction rating, and adheres to the strict requirements for use in public places that have very high and rigorous safety standards: shopping malls, undergrounds, railway stations, tunnels, cinemas, theatres, museums, etc.

Solaris Flam is available in both a two-side coated version (substance 190 and 250 gsm) and a one-side coated version (120 gsm).