Two Sides, paper and Donna Moderna

Two Sides, paper and Donna Moderna

On the weekly issue of Donna Moderna currently at the newsagents' (no.14 of April 4th) readers will find as an attachment the "Carta e Stampa: Luoghi Comuni e Realtà (Print and Paper: Myths and Facts)" brochure.

The brochure is an idea of Two Sides Italia- Il lato verde della carta - the Italian branch of 'Two Sides' - an initiative by companies from the Graphic Communications Supply Chain to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper. The brochure has been produced thanks to the collaboration of Mondadori, Burgo and Arvato Arti Grafiche who supplied their services for free, with the aim to spread and increase the readers' sensitivity on the relationship between paper and print and environmental responsibility.

"Print and Paper: Myths and Facts" is printed on the par excellence green paper produced by Burgo: Respecta 100 in the gloss finish, 115 gsm. Respecta 100 is in fact an ecological fine paper with FSC® recycled credit certification, with a fibre recycled content up to 100%. An external beauty: thanks to the use of recycled fibre, for the most part obtained from selected recycled office paper, Respecta 100 is a very bright paper with excellent printing performances. An even inner beauty: the FSC® recycled credit certification guarantees that fibres are 100% recycled and comply with responsible principles from the environmental, economic and social standpoints.

Donna Moderna, published by Mondadori, is the Italian leading woman's weekly magazine, founded in 1988 it has an average circulation of over 380,000 copies.

Nuovo Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche, one of the most important printing companies in Italy and in Europe, was founded in 1873 as a publishing house of art books and calendars and grew to become one of the most important European printers. Arvato is present in Italy with the following companies: Nuovo Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche, Eurogravure, Arti Grafiche Johnson, Distriberg and Arvato Service.

Burgo Respecta, true beauty is born within: coated fine paper, FSC® certified and with a fibre recycled content up to 100%.